Happy 4th of July! With all the barbecues and fireworks this week, you may have missed these Great Lakes restoration stories:


mLive reports that nearly 4,000 miles of Lake Huron shoreline may lose protection following an executive order signed by President Trump. The aim of the executive order is to explore opportunities for offshore oil and gas drilling, despite the fact that the entire Great Lakes have been off-limits to oil and gas drilling since 2005. The window for public comments on these reviews will be open for the first few weeks of July.


Advocates rallied in support of Great Lakes restoration funding in over 60 cities on Monday, reports Wisconsin Public Radio. The coordinated events were part of the “All Hands On Deck” efforts to support the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which President Trump has proposed to eliminate.


mLive summarizes the findings of a report from the state of Michigan on Enbridge Energy’s Line 5. The report examines the safety of the oil pipeline, and explores potential alternatives should the pipeline need to be replaced. Environmental groups have Meanwhile, environmental groups argue that the report underestimates the potential for an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac, reports the Detroit News.


The Buffalo News reports that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called on President Trump to revamp the U.S.’s involvement in the International Joint Commission, an organization responsible for regulating lake levels. The governor issued this call during a trip to Wilson, N.Y., where he signed legislation providing aid to communities impacted by Lake Ontario’s historically high water levels.


The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that would grant the state EPA more power to regulation dredging in Lake Erie and landfills, according to Cleveland.com. Gov. John Kasich is expected to sign the legislation.