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Artificial reefs boosting fish populations in Lake Huron

June 20, 2012

Thirty artificial fish reefs were installed in Lake Huron’s Thunder Bay, creating new fish spawning habitat in an area that was damaged by cement dust.

Scientists Restoring Two Native Fish Species in Lake Ontario

June 5, 2012

The U.S. Geological Survey is taking an innovative approach to restoring two native fish species at different levels of Lake Ontario’s food web.

Huge source of PCBs removed from Milwaukee River

May 27, 2012

Dredging toxic PCB-contaminated sediment from the Milwaukee River and the Lincoln Creek tributary will reduce contaminant concentrations in fish.

Snake unique to Lake Erie saved from extinction

May 26, 2012

The Lake Erie watersnake, a subspecies of the Northern watersnake found only on Lake Erie’s islands, was brought back from the brink of extinction.

Cleanup removes tons of mercury from Michigan lake

May 20, 2012

A dredging project removed contaminated sediment from the bottom of Muskegon Lake and advanced efforts to remove the lake from a list of toxic hot spots.