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Restoring Fish Habitat at Lake Shore Marshes

April 29, 2014

Ducks Unlimited restored 80 acres of Lake Ontario wetlands to improve fish and wildlife habitat and create outdoor recreational opportunities.

Removing Invasive Plants Limits Their Spread Through Wisconsin

April 27, 2014

A coalition is combating the spread of invasive weeds in Wisconsin to protect habitat, water quality, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Flute Reed Riverbank Stabilization

April 21, 2014

Installing fallen trees, re-establishing flood plains, and planting new trees along Minnesota’s Flute Reed River helped stabilize the river, reduce sedimentation, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

Former Golf Course Transformed into Wetlands and Public Green Space

April 2, 2014

The site of a former golf course has been restored to a wetland ecosystem in order to reduce sediment and nutrients entering water system.