The Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition carries out a significant portion of our work through lead organizations in several Great Lakes States. The state leads play an integral role in connecting the larger coalition to the federal, state, and local level in order to address federal Great Lakes issues across the Great Lakes region. Leads provide important direction and coordination for flagship coalition activities, including the annual fly in day, conferences, member meetings, and other coalition activities. The leads play a significant role in increasing the strength of the coalition by focusing on member engagement and recruiting new members. They also lead the coalition’s on-the-ground policy and advocacy campaigns in their state and work to garner media relationships and attention in the region.


The coalition has for years worked with lead groups in several Great Lakes states to advance our goals and priorities. This year we are conducting a new competitive process to select state lead organizations for the next three years (2019-2021). The Request for Qualifications (download here) outlines the type of organizations we are looking for, the type of work we are hoping to carry out, and the approximate budgets for each state. We plan to select one to two organizations in seven Great Lakes states to carry out varying levels of work to lead coalition activities in each state. State leads will be selected for three-year terms to align with our three-year strategic plan. Funding levels are outlined in the RFQ and are subject to overall coalition funding.


We invite all qualified groups who may be interested in becoming state leads for the coalition to submit qualifications by December 14, 2018 using the instructions in the RFQ (download). Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Celia Haven (, 734-887-7123) to discuss whether your organization may be a good fit and answer any questions. Please note that this application period is for groups or pairs of groups to demonstrate experience and qualifications, not to propose work or work plans. Selections will be made in January 2019.


State leads will be selected for a three year term beginning in January, 2019, to align with the coalition’s three year strategic plan. The strategic plan can be downloaded here.


We invite interested groups to join coalition staff on Thursday, November 1st, from 3-4pm eastern/2-3pm central to hear more about state leads, this RFQ, and answer any questions you may have.

Call in information: (844) 700-2017, passcode 336-049-2885#