New rule published today attempts to remove protections from waters that are vital to safe drinking water, Great Lakes.

Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition: ‘The government needs to do more—not less—to protect our drinking water.’


ANN ARBOR, MICH. (February 14, 2019)—The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition warned that a rule proposed by the Trump Administration, published today in the Federal Register, would weaken efforts to protect clean water in the Great Lakes region and threaten the health of more than 30 million people in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. The Coalition vigorously opposes the Trump Administration’s rollback of clean water protections, and will be asking the EPA and U.S. Congress to strengthen—not weaken—safeguards that protect drinking water for the people in the Great Lakes region.


Todd Ambs, director of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, said:


“We strongly oppose the Trump Administration’s attempt to weaken clean water protections. The federal government needs to step up its efforts to protect our drinking water, not scale back the rules for polluters. The drinking water crises in Flint, Toledo, and communities across the country makes it clear that the government needs to do more—not less—to protect our drinking water.


“To protect our communities, public health, and the Great Lakes, we need a clean water rule that strengthens, not weakens, protections for clean water.


“The Trump administration wants to roll back water pollution rules for wetlands and small streams. This would remove clean water protections from small waterways because the administration says these waterways do not matter. But residents of the Great Lakes region know there are no streams and rivers where it’s safe to pollute without it affecting the rest of the water we all depend on. We all know wetlands flow into streams, which flow into small rivers, into bigger rivers, and into lakes, including our Great Lakes, and ultimately the ocean.


“We vigorously oppose any roll-backs to clean water protections and urge the Trump Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Congress to strengthen – not weaken – clean water protections that we all depend on for our drinking water, health, and way of life.”


The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition supports federal investments to restore the Great Lakes through projects that prevent the spread of invasive species like Asian carp; restore habitat and wetlands; clean up toxic hot-spots; reduce polluted farm runoff; and halt sewage contamination.


Federal investments are producing results in communities across the region, but serious threats remain, which is why the Coalition supports continued federal investment, as well as policy solutions that help – not undermine – restoration progress.  The Coalition supports clean water protections that are essential to restore the Great Lakes and the communities that rely on them for their drinking water, jobs, health, and way of life.