Budget Cut Threat: Invasive Species

Here’s a closer look at how federal investments are tackling serious threats in communities and why these important investments need to continue.

Asian carp jumping out of the Illinois River near Havana, Illinois. Photo: Jason Lindsey

Threat: Invasive species like Asian carp and non-native water reed Phragmites threaten native species and outdoor recreation economy.

What the federal government is doing: The federal government is investing money to study invasive species and implement best practices to prevent these species from spreading. The majority of the short- and long-term work to prevent the invasive Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan through the Chicago-area waterways is being funded by the federal government. Click here to see the programs that work together to prevent and control invasive species in the Great Lakes.

Ongoing Need: Invasive species are aggressive, outcompeting native species for food and habitat. Consistent monitoring and removal is required to contain the invasive species already in the Great Lakes like the non-native sea lamprey and preventative steps must be taken to stop new species from entering the lakes.

Impact of Budget Cuts: Efforts to prevent Asian carp slows and control efforts for other species becomes less effective, likely resulting in the loss of tourism dollars from birding, hiking, and fishing that currently contribute billions each year to our economy.