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April 28th 2009

How to Spend Millions on the Great Lakes 101

During the presidential campaign we could only hope that candidate Obama would follow through on his promise to help restore and protect the Great Lakes. And then, he did, by adding a $475 million line to his budget for an … Continue reading

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November 5th 2008

Election of Barack Obama Holds ‘Great Promise for Restoration of Great Lakes’

Healing Our Waters®-Great Lakes Coalition Election of Barack Obama Holds ‘Great Promise for Restoration of Great Lakes’ Coalition Vows to Work with President-Elect, New Congress to Restore and Protect Lakes, Boost Regional Economy Statement by Jeff Skelding, national campaign director, … Continue reading

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October 17th 2008

Lower Water Levels = Bad Economy

Climate change scientists predict that Great Lakes water levels will continue to dive as the Earth’s atmosphere heats up. That’s not only bad news for shippers it is bad news for our national economy too. A recent Toledo Blade story, … Continue reading

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October 15th 2008

A Real Economic Recovery Package

If Boston is the cradle of American liberty then the Great Lakes region is surely the cradle of American ingenuity and it just happens to hold twenty percent of the world’s freshwater, and it is the second largest economy in … Continue reading

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September 23rd 2008

Compact Approved, Next Task: Restoration

Two-thirds of the US House approved the Great Lakes Compact this afternoon with a vote of 390 to 25. Hooray! So, what does it all mean? Of course, it means that the eight Great Lakes states have more control over … Continue reading

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