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October 15th 2008

A Real Economic Recovery Package

If Boston is the cradle of American liberty then the Great Lakes region is surely the cradle of American ingenuity and it just happens to hold twenty percent of the world’s freshwater, and it is the second largest economy in … Continue reading

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September 23rd 2008

Compact Approved, Next Task: Restoration

Two-thirds of the US House approved the Great Lakes Compact this afternoon with a vote of 390 to 25. Hooray! So, what does it all mean? Of course, it means that the eight Great Lakes states have more control over … Continue reading

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September 17th 2008

Time to release the Fuss Busters

What is all this fuss over the Great Lakes? That seems to be the line some folks are taking since presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s released his plan to restore the lakes. The story has been picked up across the region and thrust … Continue reading

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September 16th 2008

A Step in the Right Direction

The Mid-West was abuzz this morning as news broke that democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his running mate Sen. Joe Biden released a plan to use the Executive Office to restore the Great Lakes. It is a constructive first … Continue reading

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September 9th 2008

Coalition Gathers in Milwaukee to Urge Presidential Candidates, U.S. Congress to Restore Great Lakes—Foundation of Regional Economy

ANN ARBOR, MICH. (Sept. 10)—Great Lakes advocates are gathering at the 4th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference in the electoral battleground state of Wisconsin Sept. 10-12 to urge presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to … Continue reading