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May 20th 2009

The “It” Guy

Take a good look. This is Rep. Norman Dicks (D-Wash). Rep. Norman Dicks is the guy our Great Lakes US House Members have to convince to spend every last cent of the $475 million recommended by President Barack Obama for … Continue reading

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May 18th 2009

Obama’s $475 M Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: The Right Next Step for the Nation

The following is a guest post by Allegra Cangelosi, Director of Ecosystem Projects at the Northeast-Midwest Institute The Obama Administration’s proposed Great Lakes Restoration Budget Initiative, if appropriated, will hit the ground running and produce near-term results. To some the … Continue reading

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March 19th 2009

Task Force Tells US House Budget Committee To Restore the Lakes

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) who heads up the Great Lakes task force appeared before the US House Budget Committee yesterday to urge them to support President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. “I commend President Barack Obama for recognizing the urgent … Continue reading

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March 7th 2009

Great Lakes Restoration Featured on “Living on Earth”

I’m sure many of you have heard the radio show “Living On Earth” on NPR before. This week they are featuring a story with some Healing Our Waters Coalition members. It’s a really good, concise recap of what’s up with … Continue reading

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November 21st 2008

Don’t Poo Where You Drink

You may not want to think of sewers and stimulation at the same time, but the two together may provide the perfect solution to many of our woes. Our region needs new sewers and we need jobs. Chicago has the … Continue reading

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