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May 4th 2010

If anyone knows the Clean Water Act, it is Rep. Oberstar

U.S. Rep. James Oberstar (D-Minn.) has been Congressman for more than 40 years. During his expansive political career he has been a leader in helping to pass laws to protect the nation’s waterways. Recently, Rep. Oberstar introduced America’s Commitment to … Continue reading

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April 21st 2010

House Bill Would Bring Restoration and Economic Recovery to the Great Lakes

More than 66 percent of Great Lakes wetlands have been filled in or destroyed, Ohio has lost 90 percent of her wetlands, and wetlands provide an essential ingredient in clean water and great lakes restoration. Today, Minnesota Rep. Jim Oberstar … Continue reading

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October 23rd 2009

Clean Water Act Revamp?

After what is likely to become an award winning series on the failure of the Clean Water Act to meet its goals, the New York Times produced an editorial calling for some significant changes to the nearly 40-year-old act. The … Continue reading

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October 16th 2009

Rep. Jim Oberstar’s Panel Investigates the Diminishing Clean Water Act

After 37 years, the goals of the Clean Water Act continue to elude us. That is why the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a hearing yesterday to find out what needs to be done to fulfill the promise … Continue reading

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October 13th 2009

James Oberstar to Hold CWRA Hearing Thursday

Building upon momentum inspired by the New York Times story about the appalling state of our nation’s waters, the US Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is going to hold a hearing on October 15 entitled: The Clean Water Act after 37 … Continue reading

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