Restoration Successes

Efforts to restore the Great Lakes are already producing results. Anglers and boaters can now be found in rivers that were once too polluted for human use; beaches that were closed due to bacterial pollution are now magnets for people on summer days; and businesses are opening on restored waterfronts in cities like Milwaukee, Wis. Federal programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative are benefitting people, communities and businesses. By cleaning up drinking water, putting people to work and improving the quality of life for millions of people, Great lakes restoration may be the best return on the federal dollar in the budget. With over $1.6 billion from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative invested in the eight-state region since 2010, projects have improved the health of the lakes for people to play in, for wildlife to live in, and for businesses to thrive near.


Throughout the year, the Coalition chronicles success stories happening around the Great Lakes. You can read the complete list of success stories, broken down by state, here. Or check out our success story slide shows by state. To read more about a story, just click on the slide. You can also find successes near you with our interactive map.

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