The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition strives to restore the Great Lakes by securing federal funding and policies to stop sewage contamination, halt invasive species, restore habitat, clean up toxic pollution and reduce runoff pollution from farms and cities.

Policy Priorities – 2014

In 2014, the Coalition is focusing on the following federal priorities:

  • Funding the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the marquee federal Great Lakes restoration program, so that people, communities and businesses can benefit from healthy Lakes.
  • Funding the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to help communities fix wastewater infrastructure to prevent sewage contamination in the Great Lakes.
  • Passing the Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act to authorize core Great Lakes programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and to ensure that restoration efforts are prioritized, science-based and transparent.
  • Enacting policy to stop Asian carp—and other aquatic invasive species—from traveling between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River and colonizing U.S. waterways.


For more information, contact the Coalition’s policy director, Chad Lord, at clord@npca.org.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about how the Coalition is advancing solutions in Washington, D.C., to restore the Great Lakes, protect drinking water, safeguard public health, create jobs and uphold our way of life.

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