Habitat Destruction

September 11th 2013

Experts say Lake Michigan is in rough shape

Lake Michigan is ailing. That was the consensus among a panel of scientists convened to assess the lake’s health at the 9th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Milwaukee. Invasive quagga mussels have ravaged Lake Michigan’s food web and are … Continue reading

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February 28th 2013

New report showcases Great Lakes restoration projects

A new report from the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition features more than 30 examples of successful Great Lakes restoration projects. The report shows that government agencies and conservation groups across the region, with funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, … Continue reading

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December 13th 2011

Modifying dam helps Lake Huron pike fishery recover

There are thousands of dams in the Great Lakes basin, many of which alter river flows, disrupt the movement of sediment and nutrients and isolate fish and other aquatic life from valuable habitat. Many states are working to remove or … Continue reading

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October 26th 2007

Original Intent

Using the Clean Water Act as their compass, Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.) and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) are navigating murky political waters to deliver legislation that would return the brawn and intent to the original Act signed by President Nixon … Continue reading

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May 10th 2007


As Great Lakes Tribal peoples continue to remind us, the health of Great Lakes health is dependent on the health of these systems as well; they provide services we for pollinators and biocontrol agents. Healthy systems are the natural capital … Continue reading

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