Success Stories

October 31st 2014

Small Michigan community sees rapids once more thanks to dam removal

The small village of Dexter, Mich., about 50 miles west of Detroit, has rapids running on Mill Creek once more, thanks to the removal of a dam. The dam had been built in 1824 as part of a sawmill, but … Continue reading

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October 2nd 2014

Knowing Where Wetlands Are Helps Guide Conservation Planning

The health of the Great Lakes are largely determined by the health of the rivers and wetlands that feed them. A major goal of Great Lakes restoration efforts has been to restore high quality wetlands that filter nutrients and pollution, … Continue reading

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September 10th 2014

Michigan Community Tackles Stormwater Issues in Their Watershed

The Plaster Creek watershed contains a variety of interests and communities reliant on the creek. Farms, industry, and higher-income communities dominate the upper reaches of the watershed, while downstream neighborhoods tend to be lower-income, minority communities. Stormwater carries excessive animal … Continue reading

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September 3rd 2014

Dam Removal Boosts River’s Water Quality and Fish Passage

Removing the Nashville Dam on the Thornapple River in Southwest Michigan has improved fish habitat and water quality, increased fish diversity, and provided more recreational opportunities. Read more here.

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August 27th 2014

Muskegon Lake’s Contaminated Sediment Cleaned Up Poplar Trees

Planting poplar trees around Muskegon Lake is helping remove toxins in the soil by absorbing and degrading the chemicals as the trees grow. The poplar trees also will reduce runoff and provide a sustainable source of wood for local manufacturers. … Continue reading

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