Success Stories

October 2nd 2014

Knowing Where Wetlands Are Helps Guide Conservation Planning

The health of the Great Lakes are largely determined by the health of the rivers and wetlands that feed them. A major goal of Great Lakes restoration efforts has been to restore high quality wetlands that filter nutrients and pollution, … Continue reading

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September 15th 2014

Putting the Rapids Back in Grand Rapids

As HOW Conference attendees walked through downtown Grand Rapids last week, a question might have played on their minds: where are all the rapids? “When I first moved here from New Mexico,” remembers Chris Muller of Grand Rapids Whitewater, “I kept … Continue reading

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September 10th 2014

Michigan Community Tackles Stormwater Issues in Their Watershed

The Plaster Creek watershed contains a variety of interests and communities reliant on the creek. Farms, industry, and higher-income communities dominate the upper reaches of the watershed, while downstream neighborhoods tend to be lower-income, minority communities. Stormwater carries excessive animal … Continue reading

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August 21st 2014

Indiana Stormwater Basin Naturalized for Improved Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat

The City of Valparaiso, Ind. constructed a detention basin to collect and redirect stormwater from over 330 acres, most of which are highly developed or residential. Heavy rains wash the pesticides, fertilizer, sediment, and other pollutants used on these lands … Continue reading

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July 30th 2014

Restoration Successes on Detroit’s Belle Isle Park

Restoration projects underway and completed on Belle Isle—a Detroit-owned public park, now cared for by the state of Michigan—have focused on fish and wildlife habitat restoration. Two success stories detail the work being done at the island’s South Fishing Pier, … Continue reading

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