Success Stories

April 22nd 2014

Project in Northern Minnesota Restores Riverbanks and Decreases Erosion

A project in northern Minnesota along the Flute Reed River has installed fallen trees along the riverbank to reduce erosion, re-establish the flood plain, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. Sediment from the Flute Reed River is naturally high … Continue reading

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April 1st 2014

Former Golf Course Transformed into Wetlands and Public Green Space

The Macatawa River in western Michigan flows into Lake Macatawa and is part of the Lake Michigan watershed. The area is prone to flash floods that cause erosion and sedimentation. Much of the sediment introduced into the water system is … Continue reading

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March 28th 2014

Restoring Dead Dog Creek reduces sediment and nutrients flowing into Lake Michigan

The Illinois Beach State Park in northeastern Illinois is one of the last relatively undeveloped stretches of Lake Michigan shoreline between Chicago and Milwaukee. In the Village of Winthrop Harbor, located just upstream of the park, there is a severely … Continue reading

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March 3rd 2014

Success Story Slide Shows Now Available for Each State

Leading up to Great Lakes Days, the Healing Our Waters-Coalition has made state-by-state slide shows for each Great Lakes restoration success stories we’ve written about. Check out your state’s slide show and share your state’s successes with others! 

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December 30th 2013

Making Great Lakes wind power ‘bird friendly’

A $2 million project funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative used radars to track bird migration and bat populations in the Great Lakes basin. The project could make Great Lakes wind power more ‘bird friendly’ by guiding wind power … Continue reading

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