Success Stories

August 21st 2014

Indiana Stormwater Basin Naturalized for Improved Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat

The City of Valparaiso, Ind. constructed a detention basin to collect and redirect stormwater from over 330 acres, most of which are highly developed or residential. Heavy rains wash the pesticides, fertilizer, sediment, and other pollutants used on these lands … Continue reading

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July 30th 2014

Restoration Successes on Detroit’s Belle Isle Park

Restoration projects underway and completed on Belle Isle—a Detroit-owned public park, now cared for by the state of Michigan—have focused on fish and wildlife habitat restoration. Two success stories detail the work being done at the island’s South Fishing Pier, … Continue reading

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June 17th 2014

Shoreline and Wetland Habitat Protected from Unwise Development in Upstate New York

The Indian River Lakes region of upstate New York’s St. Lawrence Valley is characterized by a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, uplands, shorelines and riparian regions. This area provides crucial migratory and nesting habitat for many declining bird species, along with … Continue reading

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June 3rd 2014

Preventing the Spread of Invasives Through the Bait Trade

Aquatic invasive species may be unintentionally sold to as live bait to anglers. It’s not uncommon for anglers to release unused bait fish into the water at the end of the day. This can lead to the establishment or spread … Continue reading

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May 28th 2014

River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Naturalized

The Two Hearted River supports a variety of fish and wildlife species, including several fish designated as conservation priorities. Intersections between the river and roads are typically designed with culverts, or tunnels that allow the river to flow through the … Continue reading

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