Asian Carp Barrier Act

February 4th 2010

Michigan AG Asks Court To Reconsider Lock Closure; Study Shows Illinois Exaggerated Economic Impact

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has filed a new motion with the US Supreme Court asking for an immediate injunction to close Chicago-area locks because the Court did not have all the information (ie that Carp eDNA was already in … Continue reading

January 25th 2010

White House Summit on Asian Carp Could Get Crowded

Attorney Generals from five Great Lakes states have asked to be at the table when the Administration holds a summit to discuss the Asian Carp crisis. AGs from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin want a chance to express regional … Continue reading

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January 20th 2010

Carp eDNA in Lake Makes Meeting with the President More than Necessary

The Asian Carp eDNA has been found in the Calumet Harbor at the mouth of Lake Michigan, past the O’Brien Locks and the Electric Barrier, meanwhile the Supreme Court has failed to force the closure of the locks and has … Continue reading

January 16th 2010

US Supreme Court Makes No Move to Stop Asian Carp

For the second time in two weeks, the US Supreme Court chose not to deal with the state of Michigan’s request for an injunction to close the locks that threaten to let the Asian Carp into Lake Michigan via the … Continue reading

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January 6th 2010

News Reports Accuse MidWest of Hysterical React to Asian Carp

Hysterical? Questionable DNA? Ever seen a 100 plus pound flying fish? Even if scientists didn’t find fish DNA beyond the Electric Barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal -just miles from the entry to Lake Michigan (which they did)- … Continue reading

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