Asian Carp Barrier Act

July 22nd 2010

Mayor Daley Shows Support For Rep. Dave Camp’s Bill

The Permanent Prevention of Asian Carp Act received support from a welcome and some might say, unlikely, person this week –Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who has weighed in on the latest and most important discussion in the Asian Carp crisis. … Continue reading

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March 23rd 2010

Supreme Court Rejects Second Attempt to Close Chicago Locks

The Supreme Court once again decided not to close the locks as a temporary way to halt the advance of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. The courts will still be deciding whether or not to reopen the century old … Continue reading

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March 17th 2010

Waiting to Act Until Carp is Netted a Flawed Policy

Trying to net an Asian carp in the Chicago Sanitary and Shipping Canal is proving as illusive as Osama Bin Laden in the caves of Torre Bora – still, that doesn’t mean we should lull ourselves into complacency and assume … Continue reading

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March 3rd 2010

Long-Range Thinking Could Save Chicago From Asian Carp Catastrophe

The Chicago Tribune ran a story about the economic damage that closing the locks would cause to the cities summer tourist industry. The Army Corps is considering limiting the number of times the locks are opened and closed to hamper … Continue reading

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February 19th 2010

Carpageddon Devours GLRI Funds

If it wasn’t bad enough that the Federal plan for dealing with the carp is short sighted, now Carpageddon is eating into the historic Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding. The Feds are paying for their $78.5 million battle plan (weak … Continue reading

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