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June 17th 2010

Ohio Groups Aim to Stop Power Plant Fish Kill to Protect Great Lakes, Economy

For more than a century, Great Lakes fish populations have acted as an important indicator of the health of the Great Lakes. As threats to the Lakes mounted—pollution, over-fishing, and invasive species to name a few—fish populations plummeted, and in … Continue reading

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August 5th 2009

Sen. Sherrod Brown promotes Great Lakes initiative in Cleveland

People around the Great Lakes might not like their tax dollars heading off to Washington each year, but this year a good portion of those dollars are expected to come back home. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would provide at … Continue reading

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July 29th 2009

In Unison: Great Lakes Cities Push for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

It may be August and Congress may be on break, but the people who live and work around the Great Lakes are continuing to push for their Representatives in Washington to approve of President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Four … Continue reading

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July 27th 2009

EPA’s Great Lakes Listening Tour Consistently Draws Full House

Last Tuesday night the EPA began a series of public meetings to determine the best way to implement President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The first meeting was held in Milwaukee, Wisc. and according to reporter Dan Egan the room … Continue reading

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June 18th 2009

It’s Not Just for the Lakes, it is for the Economy, Stupid!

It’s Déjà all over again. Last September the US House passed a Great Lakes Legacy Act reauthorization that tripled the funding to clean up toxic pollution in the Great Lakes. One Senator from Oklahoma shot down the bill in the … Continue reading

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